Interview with Mihalis Papapetru:


Ergüçlü: First fo all thank you very much for accepting our request for this interview.


Papapetru: It’s my pleasure.


Ergüçlü: Mr. Papapetru, the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan paid a visit to Cyprus and had talks with the two leaders. What exactly did this visit achieve?


Papapetru: I don’t think that anybody is in a position now to evaluate the result and the repercussions this visit will have. Definitely the Secretary General made certain efforts in order to speed up the talks, in order to make them more substantial, but I think that we have to wait for a few days to see the behaviour of the two sides on the table of the negotiations, so that we judge the results of this visit.


Ergüçlü: What did the Secretary General tell the two sides?


Papapetru: He tried to make things proceed more quickly because obviously he is very concerned of the fact that a lot of time passed and there was no progress at all. So he urged the two sides to concentrate and negotiate on the core issues and he repeated that in the airport and I hope that Mr. Denktash will cooperate on that so that we reach an agreement on this core issues by the end of June as the Secretary General mentioned.


Ergüçlü: Mr. Spokesman, Mr. Denktash yesterday said that if the Greek Cypriot side accepts that they are not the government of the Turkish Cypriots, a settlement may be possible. What would be your comment on that?


Papapetru: Look. If by saying that Mr. Denktash suggests that we do recognise TRNC in order to have a solution, the answer is no. If by saying that he means that in the table of negotiations Clerides is not representing the Turkish Cypriot side, there is no need for Mr. Denktash to ask such a thing, because Clerides told him long ago since 1994, that in the talks he is representing only the Greek Cypriot Community and that Mr. Denktash is representing the Turkish Cypriot Community. But this has nothing to do with the recognition of TRNC or the legitimacy of the Republic of Cyprus. Clerides is the President of the Republic of Cyprus, recognised President. He is the President of the whole state, but in the negotiations he is not representing the Turkish Cypriot Community.


Ergüçlü: Mr. Papapetru, thank you very much for accepting our invitation and granting us this interview.


Papapetru: You’re welcome... All the best...


Ergüçlü: Thank you...

 Ana Sayfa